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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the messages you might see while navigating this Zen Gym site and answers to other questions you might have...

You don't have permission to access this page.

This error is probably because you tried to book a therapy session before you completed orientation.  You will need to schedule an orientation class and complete it before you can schedule a session in the Zen Gym.

To do this click on the "Get started button" and... Get Started!

Another reason you might see this error, is if you try to schedule a Fitness Consultation before you have reached Elite Member status.  To become an Elite Member simply purchase a package of 16 sessions of Infrared Therapy or Infrared Dome Therapy.

Find out more about our packages using this handy button...

What are the levels of membership?

  • Member- has created an account on the Zen Gym site and has completed orientation.

  • Novice Member- has purchased a package of 8 sessions, is eligible for Discounted SessionsComplementary Solex Health scans, and Entry in our monthly drawing for free beauty and health services.

  • Elite Member- has purchased a package of 16 sessions, earns all benefits of Novice Member, AND one Complimentary session with a Fitness Consultant.   

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